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The calendar in Thedas consists of twelve thirty-day months. Furthermore, the majority of Thedas, from Tevinter to Ferelden, celebrates five major holidays, each tied to the transition of a season or, in the case of First Day, the beginning of a new year. Although each month has a name in the language of Ancient Tevinter, the people of Ferelden commonly use the "low" names. The Tevinter names are listed first, followed by the more common name for the month.

The system was developed in the early years of the Tevinter Imperium and was influenced by the elves. 
Dragon Age Wiki

Thedosian Calendar Information Color Key

Canon InformationOthers' HeadcanonMy Own HeadcanonDate of Notable Event/s

Vermensis/Wintermarch )

Pluitanis/Guardian )

Nubulis/Drakonis )

Eluviesta/Cloudreach )

Molioris/Bloomingtide )

Ferventis/Justinian )

Solis/Solace )

Matrinalis/August )

Parvulis/Kingsway )

Frumentum/Harvestmere )

Umbralis/Firstfall )

Cassus/Haring )
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au: college / highschool au: apocalypse sharing a bed handcuffed / bound together au: hooker / porn / stripper
slavefic au: neighbors au: band road trip soul bonding / soulmates
locked in kiss to save the day FREE

au: fantasy snowed in
immortality / reincarnation cross-dressing secret relationship wingfic time travel
au: historical curtainfic huddle for warmth secret child au: steampunk

Woot!! Not sure how I'll be approaching this... too much on the plate for tonight. But tomorrow, nffh, I'm on it!


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I found this challenge here. The challenge itself is pretty self-descriptive: over the next 30 days, write a drabble (or more) a day using each of the prompts.

"using the prompts below, write a drabble (or whatever) a day for the next 30 days. find someone willing to hit you if you miss a day. look back at the end and go ‘oh! i’m a writer!’"

Good Luck!
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The Grand Master Project List

  • From Never to Forever

  • ATD Revisited
  • Vas Leoni Legacy (currently on permanent hiatus)

  • Breathe (Working Title): Parts 1 - 4
  • Delicate
  • Lily Cousland's Story (currently on permanent hiatus)
  • Envy Surana's Story

  • Shrios Post-Game Fic (currently on permanent hiatus)
  • Thane/OC Fic

  • Osiris Severon (Temporary working title)
  • TMNT/Mass Effect crossover

  • Sessions (Working title)
  • Curvy Lady (Temporary working title)
  • You Stole My Wife! (Temporary working title)

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 So, already this has gotten away from me. It's going to be a very extended 30 days. LOL

2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features?

I would have to say her height - she's very tiny, only about 5' tall, which is majorly why she's mistaken as an elf. It could also be her long red hair, or her cute little overbite. :D
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So, today I set aside my precious Dragon Age II for the sake of the story, and broke out my trusty ol' DA: O. I've got to say, it's downright trippy playing this again! I remember when all I wanted to do was play this game (Alistair <3) and now it's almost foreign to me.

I've started over - once again - with a rogue female noble named Guinevere Cousland. I actually didn't really want to start a whole 'nother game, but I'm so clueless as to what's going on in my other gameplays that I wouldn't even know where to start, except at the beginning. Cousland also seems to be one of the shorter origins, unless I'm forgetting a lot. My last Cousland, Lily, was started and beaten a long time ago.

Good god! The whole thing is so different. I'm not used to not having Hawke's witty comments and the wheel of conversations. Stttrrraaannngggeeee.

Ooh, Duncan! :D

On another note, SO EXCITED to have a beta for the story, Kira Tamarion. So far it's been a lovely experience, and actually talking about this... thing... with someone else is both exciting and relieving. Hopefully this helps get my ass into gear.
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1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored?Do they still get along now, or no?

Ann's family was pretty tight-nit, despite both her parents' wild tempers. There was a lot of fighting, but there was just as much love. She loved both of her parents, but she's definitely a daddy's girl. She was almost as close to her Irish grandfather, too, on her mother's side -- her Grand Da. 

She was the apple of her daddy and grand-daddy's eyes up until she wound up... where she wound up. ;D
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 Found this little gem on tumblr today and thought I'd give it a go. I'll be focusing on my Annie Silva, from my as-yet-unannounced or -released DA fan fiction. I've been rolling her around in my head for about a year now, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

HEY RPERS, what if I started a meme. It’s a simple meme. You answer one question every day for thirty days, and by the end of it, you hopefully learn even more about your character and become a better roleplayer because of it! 8Dc  Y’all should totes spread this around. 
Here’s the list. 
1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?
2.) What are your characters most prominent physical features?
3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?
4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive? 
5.) What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale? 
6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory. 
7.) Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why? 
8.) Day of Favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower? 
9.)  Who does your character trust?
10.) Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable. 
11.) Is there an animal you equate with your character? 
12.) How is your character with technology? Super savvy, or way behind the times? Letters or email? 
13.) What does your character’s bed look like when he/she wakes up? Are the covers off on one side of the bed, are they all curled around a pillow, sprawled everywhere? In what position might they sleep?
14.)  How does your character react to temperature changes such as extreme heat and cold? 
15.) Is your character an early morning bird or a night owl? 
16.) Are there any blood relatives that your character is particularly close with, besides the immediate ones? Cousins, Uncles, Grandfathers, Aunts, et cetera. Are there any others that your character practically considers a blood relative? 
17.) What’s your character’s desk/workspace look like? Are they neat or messy?
18.) Is your character a good cook? What’s their favorite recipe, whether they’re good or not? (Microwave mac-and-cheese applies.)
19.) What’s your character’s preferred means of travel? 
20.) Does your character have any irrational fears? 
21.) What would your character’s  cutie mark be?
22.) If your character could time travel, where would they go?
23.) Is your character superstitious? 
24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?
25.) Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?
26.) Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday. 
27.) Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them. 
28.) If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be? 
29.) How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne? 
30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself. 
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Chapter One - Mama's Funeral
 "Felicia..." Said the voice on the other end of the line. "Felicia it's me."

"Pepe, what's wrong?" She could hear weariness brimming her brother's voice as he spoke.

"I have bad news to tell you, hermana. It's about mom. Sit." Felicia's stomach went cold. The tone of his voice betrayed aseverity to whatever he had to say that made her body tremble as she clung white-knuckled to the receiver. She'd never feltso nauseous in her life. No, she took that back - only once.

"What's wrong?" she asked with a shaky voice. The line was silent except for the crackle of distance and of her brotherbreathing on the other end.

"Felicia..." He took a deep breath and paused to control the shake in his voice. "Hermana, she's gone."

"Gone? Gone where? What do you mean gone? What does that mean? Pepe, answer me!" Suddenly she found it hard tobreathe. He couldn't mean what she knew he meant... could he? "Pepe!" she cried. 

"Hermana, she's dead. She's gone. Please, come home to us."

A hundred and one feelings swarmed her at once, all of them bad. Her breath caught so hard she choked, her chest was tight,her eyes unfocused, her body paralyzed. How could this be? How could this be?? She hadn't been to see her mothersince she left for college, and here she was, still in her Liberty apartment, crippled with regret. She closed her eyes and forcedback the tears as she tried to stay upright. "Felicia? Felicia are you there? Are you okay?" Her brother's voice was distant andmuffled. Felicia nodded dumbly and mumbled, "Yes, yes I'm here."

She knew wanted to say more, to make sure he was okay, to ask how it happened, but coherent thought evaded her. Why...why didn't she take a weekend and visit her mother? Why didn't she pick up a phone and call her to tell her she loved her?How cruel that she could think of all these questions now but was still somehow unable to say them aloud. She wasn'tinnocent to death, she always knew it came too quickly, she always knew she had to take advantage of the time she had.God, how she knew this. Still, she supposed she'd never really learn her lesson.

"You will be with us, right? At the funeral?" By then she'd almost forgotten she was on the phone at all. After a silence toolong for her brother's patience, he continued, "you owe it to ma, hermana. You owe it to her." Felicia nodded once again; notto her brother, but to herself. She did. She did owe it to her mother. She'd be on the next flight from Liberty to Vice City assoon as possible. Her mother deserved to look down and see the love she had so earned. Felicia deserved one last goodbye,and by God she would get it.

Three days later and now, all of a sudden, here she was standing in front of her mother's casket. Her mother's casket...the words still didn't make sense. Her mother's beautiful face, though made up lovely, looked pale and cold andalmost unrecognizable; bloated, marred with worry, aged in a way she didn't remember just a few short years ago.
"You came." Felicia turned around to see Pepe's somber face watching her through sunglasses. He must have beencrying, and damned if any Cuban be seen crying - even at his own mother's funeral. She wasn't without guilt -- she had a sort of disguise of her own, but one that was utilized more on the inside than the out.
"Of course I did," she said quietly. "Mama deserves every bit of love she gave, even if it's too late for her to see it in life." Pepe nodded. Before Felicia could say anything more, Pepe leaned forward and wrapped his sister up in a tight hug. As she relaxed into his embrace she felt tears drop onto her face and quickly wiped them away, pulling back and making quick work of composing herself. I will not cry. Not here, not now.
"You know... pop is here," Pepe said gently. Felicia heaved a sigh, preferring not to see him today. "You know that youmade a mistake with ma, hermana. Please, don't make a mistake with pop too." Sometimes she hated how her brothercould read her mind; then again, there were times when she appreciated it more than anything in the world.
"Nieta!" called a gruff voice from behind her. "Nieta, usted esta aqui." Felicia took a quick swipe at her face, just to besure, and turned to greet her gray haired grandfather with the best smile she could conjure. He came to her with arms outstretched and heart wide open, as always. His old, smiling face was the warmest welcome she could imagine; from childhood Felicia had been attached to her grandfather, especially once she discovered the atrocities of her father's... profession. He'd always been kind, never hesitated to show them love, and held a patience that she imagined no other Cuban possessed. She allowed him to wrap her up in a tight hug, and even allowed herself comfort in his presence.
"Si," she began as her grandfather pulled away and held her at arms length, assessing her, "por supuesto, abuelo." Her grandfather, finally, nodded and smiled. They chatted away merrily for a while, catching up in their native tongue until a small group of men in the shade of a palm tree several feet away caught her eye. She said her goodbyes to him and slipped away to a food table, pretending to pick as she watched them with hawk eyes.
It seemed as if they were exchanging something, and as they dispersed she made out the large, round figure in themiddle. Blood pounded in her head and her fists clenched so tight and sudden that she crushed the paper plate in her hand and sent the food on it flying. A few groups of people turned to look at her but she hardly noticed -- her eyes were set on the fat bastard waddling across the lawn.
She was losing her battle with control as she watched him chat merrily with a group of men like nothing had happened. He was acting like nothing had just happened! Every beat of her heart rushed in her ears as she started toward him, until she felt firm hands on her shoulders and turned her head to see her brother behind her, holding her back.
"Nothing fucking changes," she spat through her teeth. She knew what he was doing, and she wanted to resist so bad...
"Not today, hermana. Don't let your temper get the best of you. This is ma's day." She grit her teeth but nodded complacently. He was right, he was always right. She wanted to tell him to fuck off and let her do what she had to do, but just as she owed it to her mother to come today, she more than owed it to her to not cause trouble with the man she loved until the day she... she...
Hours after the funeral had ended, only a few relatives remained scattered over the grounds. Felicia and Pepe had busied themselves with cleaning up and sending off their guests -- or, more accurately, Pepe busied Felicia by sending her to clean up and say goodbye to guests. She never took her eye off her father, watching him even as she did otherthings.
Disrespectful. Disgusting and disrespectful.
Felicia sat alone with her back to the nearest wall and laid her head back against the bricks. She hardly even recognized her home anymore -- or perhaps she had remembered it differently. It had only been 3 years since she left, but everything seemed so out of place. Maybe it was because she was happy in Liberty, away from the Cubans and the Haitians, the killing and the crime. Granted, Liberty City was by no means a paradise, but at the very least she wasn't wrapped up in the middle of it. Sure, there were drive-by shootings every once in a while; you'd see the occasional pimp with his whores, the drug deals in the shady confines of the inner-Staunton park -- all of those things paled incomparison to watching her father cohort with his gang in the shadows at her mama's funeral.
Perhaps best of all, she didn't have to know anything going on in Vice City and her family. She loved them, of course, but some small, irrational part of her wished Pepe wouldn't have called her. She could've just gone on living her life in Liberty, none the wiser. Ignorance was bliss, right?
No, she was wrong. Of course she was wrong. She didn't want to be excluded, she would never have not wanted to know -- logically, at least. Illogically, impractically she believed she'd have been happier not knowing. The bottom line was that she did not want her mother to die, she didn't want anything at all to change. She wanted everything to be the way she left it until she was ready to come back to it -- whenever the hell that may have happened, if ever. 
Of course, she didn't want anybody to die, not on the behalf of what so many men, and women, were: money, hatred, envy, revenge; the reasons were as endless as they were frivolous, and the body bags piled high. She hated every inch of it, every God-forsaken second of it. Looking around, this was what made her feel that she never wanted to go back; not the hot, sticky weather, not the recklessness of Vice City's sheep, but the soulless shepherds and the dankness of death that poisoned... everything.
"Ahh," groaned an awkward, burly voice above her. Felicia's jaw tightened and she tensed. Dear God, not right now, she pleaded. Slowly her eyes rose from the floor to the face of the husky man in front of her. She felt as if shestared hard enough she could burn a hole right through him. "Felicia..." the voice began. "Daughter." Felicia's skin burned at the word. You dare call me that...
"How could you?" The words escaped her lips before she had the chance to choke them back. "How could you do that? Is nothing sacred to you at all?" He said nothing, just watched her, face unreadable except for the sad knit of his brows."How could you love her and do the very thing that killed her at her funeral?"
"It was a stroke, daughter..."
"A stroke," Felicia repeated and snorted. "Maybe that's what technically killed her, but we both know, father," she spat, "we both know what really killed mama, don't we?" Felicia felt her heart soar at the pained expression he tried to cover with a hand swiped down his face. She wanted him to hurt like he hurt his family. The emotion rushed her like an avalanche, too powerful to stop once she recognized it. She covered her face with her hands and cried into them, hating herself... despising herself for breaking down now. "You killed her," she cried, a low whine through her tears. "You did it, you know you did it, oh God...."
She sniffed hard and long, refusing to uncover her face, mortified and furious and devastated. She could hear her father mumbling and rambling, but she could neither understand nor care to try what he was saying. She felt huge, rough hands on her arms and shrugged them off twice before she jerked away and thrust her body out of his reach.
"Don't touch me! How could you?! You couldn't even give her one last day of peace, could you? Could you?"
"I... I don't... you, you don't talk to me like that hija! I... am your father! You do not forget that!"
Felicia snorted, a panicky, manic look in her eyes. "Mama is dead because of what you are and what you do and I caught you... for Christ's sake I watched you with them! And you have the audacity to demand respect of me? Are you kidding me?"
"You do not understand!"
"And I have no desire to! That is what you fail to understand, father. You assume that I give a fuck about any of this, or that mama did. She loved you, never this," Felicia paused, feeling another rush of emotion bubbling up, "I'm not sure I'm willing to make that mistake."
"You say that now... YOU SAY THAT NOW! But one day, hija... one day you might have to do what I do."
"Never," she hissed, shaking with the effort of restraint. "I will never be what you are." When his eyes flashed -- he hadthe nerve to be mad at her?! -- her control slipped. She took three sweeping steps forward and thrust her face up into his, all contempt and fury and disgust. "I promised myself years ago, when you let Felipe go, that I would never, ever... you will not ever suck me into this like you did Pepe. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have come back, and I mean that with all my heart. You can think about that later while you're out getting trashed and dealing drugs with the ones who are important to you."
She stayed just long enough to see her father's eyes widen and fill with tears. Felipe was a forbidden topic, but the truth was the truth. She rushed off into the dark, not even entirely sure where she was going, but anywhere but there was preferable.
Her father just watched her go, heart aching and stomach tight, until he stomped off to the Café Robina, where hewould have a long talk with his father.
Been waiting a long time to update this story. I would like to finally fucking finish it but ya know, we'll see what happens.

Fanfic 100

Apr. 5th, 2012 09:11 pm
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031.Sunrise.032.Sunset.033.Too Much.034.Not Enough.035.Sixth Sense.
091.Birthday.092.Christmas.093.Thanksgiving.094.Independence.095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

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NaNoWriMo 2011 has officially begun!! I'm going to work on the Dragon Age fic I've been swirling around in my head for a while. Hopefully, Bill will at least leave me alone long enough for me to actually have a real shot with it, if he won't actually be supportive. :\ Ooooh, I'm so excited and nervous!!! :D 
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Bethany Coll: Moved into apt with boyfriend William Coll. He started military career, she started medical career. He decided to switch careers and skyrocketed through the Business career path and is now Chairman of the Board of some mega-corporation. Bethany was doing extraordinarily well in the much more complicated Medical path, but has capped off at Gene Specialist (?) after the births of her three children (Genevieve - 8; John - 4; Michael - 6 months [??]). Financially they struggled a bit at first, but after both achieved their lifetime goals at a young age they came into some "inheritance" money after the deaths of some long lost relatives.

I digress. After their wedding the honeymooned in Champs Le Sims, France. Bethany thrived in the small french village and, after many adventures, found she had an affinity for it. After a long stint of vacation from work she grew restless and her nerves were on end being home by herself often, taking care of their three children, tending the garden and caring for the house. She decided to revisit Champ Le Sims to relax and build up her visa level, in hopes of being able to purchase a vacation home.

And then she met Margot Petit.

She returned to the bookstore after taking care of some business for the owner, (insert name here). At a table, nose buried in a book, legs elegantly crossed, sat a beautiful young lady with big, dark eyes and short, dark hair. She introduced herself tentatively and found herself flirting with the girl, asking if she was single and talking of astrology. The flirted for at least an hour in the small shop before exchanging information and going on their way. This would be the meager start of a whole new relationship and chapter of Bethany's life.

They continue their flirting, bumping into each other here and there around town and even employing Bethany to do a few favors for her. In short time, Bethany decides to throw caution to the wind and spend the rest of her six-day vacation with her. They have a passionate affair, testing Bethany's boundaries and taking her places she's never been before--in addition to the excitement of having to sneak around the paparazzi.

Bethany just assumes this will be just a fling in a foreign land, something fun and wild and carefree, some wild oats she never had a chance to sow -- until she returns home and finds herself having long conversations with her Margot almost every night and waiting excitedly for the next time she will see her again. She talks often about Margot meeting her children, perhaps having a family vacation out there once a vacation home can be afforded, and even of Margot and William meeting.

Despite her budding feelings for Margot, she IS still in love with her husband and very much happy with her family and home life. She continues tending to her garden, taking care of her housework and their three beautiful children, and perhaps they even try for child number four? Everything is going swimmingly until Bethany can once again afford the time and money for a vacation to Champs Le Sim.

Things pick right up where they left off: hot, steamy and beautiful. This time Bethany has come for a much longer vacation, around a month, and in that month they decide to bunk together, spending as much time as possible. They realize now all the things they have in common, and that they truly do care for each other. This temporary fling that started on her only lone vacation has turned into something much more, and it leaves Bethany much to think about.

They decide to try things for real, and even once she goes home they continue their relationship over the phone until she can make it back out.

Here things get fuzzy. Maybe William takes a girlfriend since she's gone so often? She takes the kids out to France once they're old enough so they can meet her? Even though they still need to sneak around to hide it from the kids. They spend a lot of time in France with Margot. Perhaps she even comes to Bethany and William's house for a while? Perhaps Bethany even moves into her own home with the kids and lets William stay at the house? Maybe she just brings Margot with her and they find a place together, and she leaves the kids with William? Perhaps William and Bethany get back together (never fully divorce!!! Just patch things up!!) and they finish out their days happy and in love. Margot goes home and moves on?

Long nights drinking nectar together and talking. Learning how to appreciate the true nature of nectar, and thus how to brew it (her family has a long history of nectar makers? Perhaps an empire built on it?). Long, warm days spent together, reading a good book under the shade of a great tree with a picnic, traveling to the markets, appreciating the spices and rich aromas associated with them. Bright, warm culture. Flower fields and woody adventures. Learns how to truly brew nectar from the owner of the Nectary with Margot.

Margot giggled. "She loves her nectar, does she not? The taste on her lips, mm," she licked her lips, "delicious. Tastes just like her." She flashed a knowing smile and winked, lifting the cup to her lips and sipping daintily. Her tiny, slender finger edged the rim as she stared thoughtfully into the cup, nostalgia in her gaze. "I remember," she started, her accent thick, "she did have a favorite recipe once. It was, let me remember -- two part cranerlet grape, two part cherry, two part life fruit, one part pomegranate, one part pomelo, one part flame fruit and one part apple; 'as a finisher,' she used to say. She made many a bottle of this, drank many a bottle. The flavor, it reminds me of her the most. The aroma, the tingle in your belly, the warmth in your limbs... yes," she smiled again, "it reminds me very much of her."

He could suddenly see what attracted her to Margot. Her cheeks pinked with the nectar she drank, her eyes glittered and darkened and they floated lazily wherever they turned. Her lips swelled and reddened as though she was aroused, sweet nectar moistened them. Her hands casually brushed her short, dark hair from the face that it framed, while the other hand busied itself with the cup of red liquid on the table in front of her. She was all femininity and grace, everything you thought of when you though of France. Young, beautiful, elegant, and completely romantic; completely wrapped up in her -- his wife.

He imagined them on a lazy morning: the sun spilling through the curtains, a warm breeze coming through the window, them lying in the bed, tangled in sheets and each others limbs. Warm and cozy, unwound by the nectar and each others company. Margot's young, plump lips caressing the fair skin of his wife's neck, her tiny, dainty fingertips grazing his wife's taut pink nipples. The sweet, soft moans coming from the back of his wife's throat as her head falls back, eyes half closed, completely lost in this beautiful, exotic woman...

He felt his cock hardening uncomfortably under the table. He glanced back at Margot whom he found watching him, eyes dark and lidded, mouth swollen and stained from the nectar. He stiffened more. He tried shifting down in his seat to relieve some of the pressure and Margot smirked, tilting her head and taking another sip from her cup.

"You are uncomfortable?" she asked, sounding every bit concerned. "I do apologize. We could move to some place more comfortable but we must wait for my... for Bethany, you understand." She flushed all over again and looked away.
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001.How do you give me so much pleasure; How do you give me so much pain? 002.I've got a good mind to throw it all way; After all, what is it worth? 003.I cried out with no reply and I can't feel you by my side; So I'll hold tight to what I know, you're here and I'm never alone.
004.Waste all your time with me I know I'm a mess right now Don't give up in me, I'd wait it out for you. 005.I know I need you I know myself Come on and say the things your heart has felt but words can't tell. 006.All that I feel is the realness I'm faking; Taking my time but it's time that I'm wasting.
007.Is it bright where you are? Have the people changed? Does it make you happy you're so strange? 008.And just to soften the blow, I'll steal all of your kisses; And sew them up in the creases of our hearts. 009.'Cause I can almost breathe the air, right around my fingertips; I'll turn around and pick up the pieces.
010.Come break me down Bury me, bury me I am finished with you. 011.And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad; The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had. 012.Am I the reason you breathe Or am I the reason you cry?
013.This is the last time I'll abandon you and this is the last time I'll forget you; I wish I could. 014.Decisions to decisions are made and not bought; But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot, I guess not. 015.Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt; And it feels like I'm alive.
016.Can't count through all the lovers I've burned through; So why do I still burn for you? I can't say. 017.Into the night I wander, it's morning that I dread; Another day of knowing of the path I fear to tread. 018.I seem to lose the power of speech You're slipping slowly from my reach; You grow me like an evergreen You've never seen the lonely me at all.
019.One of these days you'll miss your train and come stay with me We'll have drinks and talk about things; Any excuse to stay awake with you. 020.I'm sorry for what I did, I did what my body told me to; I didn't mean to do you harm, every time I pin down what I think I want, it slips away. 021.I used to adore you I couldn't control you; There was nothing I wouldn't do to keep myself around and close to you.
022.You know that every time I try to go where I really want to be; It's already where I am, 'cause I'm already there. 023.You've been the only thing that's right; In all I've done. 024.So what? I lied, I lie to me too.
025.I am a hostage to my own humanity; Self-detained and forced to live in this mess I've made. 026.I'm running down highways 'til I see your face; I just need to see you now, I don't care about anything else. 027.The truth hurts so bad, wouldn't you say, so why tell it? If ignorance is bliss, I'm in heaven now.
028.I keep asking myself, wondering how; I keep closing my eyes, but I can't block you out. 029.You're awful; I love you! 030.I'm alright, it's just tonight, I can't play the part; I'm alright, it's alright, it's just a broken heart...
031.Your heart is cold, your soul is numb; You don't like who you've become. 032.I know you don't love me, you know I don't care; Keep it hidden better, did I say the world was fair? 033.And then I wonder who I am Without the warm touch of your hand.
034.You may not believe in me, but I believe in you; I still take the trash out, does that make me too normal for you? 035.You know I can be there, it's time that you call; I swore not to come, but I'm here after all. 036.This mood of yours is temporary, it seems worth the wait to see you smile again; Out of the corner of your eye won't be the only way you're looking at me then.
037.You should try not to be so courageous; These dismal moods have become contagious. 038.Save me from this hopelessness, talk some sense into this head, help stop this endless SOS. 039.Fear of the dark, fear of the dark; I have a constant fear that something's near.
040.You get no respect, you get no relief; You gotta speak up, and yell out your piece. 041.How much is real? So much to question; An epidemic of the mannequins, contaminating everything. 042.It's a crime you let it happen to me; Never mind, I'll let it happen to you.
043.If I turn into another; Dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me. 044.There's that smile again, you fake it and I follow right in; What a fool I've been to fall for it each time. 045.And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute; Oh, when you smile at me, you know exactly what you do.
046.I just want to know what is real; Give me earthquakes and heartaches. 047.I wonder what you're doing, imagine where you are; There's oceans in between us, but that's not very far. 048.I'd be crazy not to follow, follow where you lead; Your eyes, they turn me.
049.You choked off the surest of favors; But if you really loved me, you would've endured my world. 050.How do you find the words to say goodbye?
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